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This page will explain how to use our site, manage your account and other helpful things. We will also answer the questions that we often get.

To see our FAQ for any Questions about your account, changing your email or password, etc. that you may have – Click HERE


Why should I use (a.k.a. ITM):
We feel that we provide the best trades and actionable information in the trading services market. We are easy to use, timely and provide accurate information. We don’t hype up stocks or tout this or that and we are relatively inexpensive in relation to what others are charging and for what you get. We aren’t beholden to any company or broker and we call it like we see it. Many services who position themselves in the same arena that we are in charge a lot more than we do and provide a lot less. If you are looking for a strong trading service that covers multiple markets and many time frames – we are for you. Our service can be used by traders of pretty much any reasonable account size or skill level. Getting our information and being able to act on it is simple to do. We were one of the original daytrading & swing tradings sites back in 1998… we helped pioneer this industry!

How are you guys different & better than other services?
We are different in many ways…
1. We have been doing this successfully since 1998 and we know what real traders need and want. We know what works, what doesn’t and what is unhelpful or distracting.
2. We actually trade ourselves.
3. We don’t have a bunch of fluff and useless information to appear a certain kind of way. We keep it simple… and our trading feed is in a newsfeed like style.
4. We are here to make money in the markets… and to help others do the same by calling great trades. For us… winning trades is what matters… not ego.
5. We have no bias and don’t force trades just to have something to post. If the trade isn’t there… we won’t call it.
6. We keep our information that we put out streamlined… we don’t throw out a lot of confusing data, drone on with long winded commentary, disseminate useless lists and information out to you like some other services do which could lead to “analysis by paralysis”, be distracting and wasting of your time and ours.
7. We aren’t here to try to look “cool” or show you how much we know by posting a lot of irrelevant crap. It’s pretty simple how we run our site… we simply put out actionable trading calls in real time. It doesn’t get more clear cut and simple than that.

If you are looking for a trading site that can help you trade better… and hopefully help grow your account.. and do it in a straight-forward way with an uncluttered presentation of our information… we are the trading service for you.

Do I have to pay for this service?
We offer a completely free market feed that has a ton of real time posts, actionable insight, directional calls and trade. This Free Market Feed is not just some “light” version of the premium service… it is loaded with content. We also have a premium service and we offer a 10 day Free Trial for our premium plan where you get access to our Premium Page AND the Premium Trade feed. The Premium Trade Feed has all of the real time trades, marketing insight and commentary of our Free Market feed PLUS additional content, insight and trades. You also get our weekly report as well. Click HERE to sign up for our Premium membership’s 10 day FREE trial.

How many Free Trials do I get?
You get 1 free trial which lasts for 10 days. Once the free trial ends, you will need to upgrade to a paid Premium membership, click the Account link on the menu above and click the upgrade link on that page or just login to your account and click HERE. If you have any questions click here to email us.

How do I sign up for this service?
It is pretty straight forward and similar to how you shop anywhere online. Click Here to start.

After I sign-up for site – then what?
1. Like us on Facebook
2. Follow us on Twitter
3. Follow us on our Google Plus Page
4. Follow us on Instagram
5. Subscribe to us on YouTube
5. Login to your account.
6. Check out our Premium Trader Feed.
7. Check out the Premium Trader’s page to see additional information and followup info for swing trades.
8. Once your Trial runs out… upgrade your account to a premium account.

How do I upgrade my account to the Premium account?
Login to your account – go to the account link in the menu above, you will see a link that says “Upgrade to Premium Now” on the account page… click on that and then checkout like you would on any internet site.

How do you post your trades?
We post our real time trades, directional calls and commentary in our Free Market Feed and our Premium Market feed. Go to our Premium Page to see additional premium content.

What Markets do you cover?
We cover numerous active markets:

  • Stocks – typically the well known, good volume large & medium cap companies that are listed on the major exchanges.
  • Index Futures: S&P 500 E-Mini Index Futures, DOW 30 E-Mini and the NASDAQ E-Mini Futures.
  • Financial: US Dollar Index, 30 Year T-Bond Futures, 10 Year T-Notes Futures
  • Forex: We cover the top 18 FX pairs.
  • Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency.
  • Options: Stock Options of the type of stocks that we mentioned above.
  • Commodities: Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Soybeans, Wheat, Corn, Soybean Oil, Soybean Meal, Oats, Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, OJ, Lumber and Cotton.

Our Core focus is Daytrading Stocks, Bitcoin, Index E-Mini Futures, Crude Oil Futures, Natural Gas Futures, Gold Futures, Euro Futures and the 30 Year T-Bond/10 Year T-Note Futures.

What time frames do your trades cover?
We cover multiple types of time periods… from daytrades to swing trades which generally cover 1 to 5 days to our “weekly trades” which generally cover 2 to 5 weeks. Be sure to check out our long term investments ideas as well.

How much is the service?
The Premium level service at this time is $75 a month. You probably already pay that much just in commission after just a day or 2 of trading. We offer a 10 day FREE Trial for the Premium Service. This price is the current price and sure to rise in the future… lock it in now.

What broker do you recommend?
Contact us and we can let you know who we like as our own personal choice.

How can I email you?
By clicking here.

I am on a Trial or a Paid member and it won’t let me login to the Premium Page.
Clear the cache on your browser. If you don’t know how, google it… ie. clear cache on chrome. If it still doesn’t work… double check your username and password. If it still doesn’t work, email us.

Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes. Go there now and “like” our page. Click facebook page to go there now.

Do you have a Twitter page?
Yes. Go there now by clicking HERE.

Do you have a YouTube channel and/or have training videos?
Yes. Go there now by clicking HERE.

Can you do analysis on an individual market or “symbol” for me?
Yes. Many private traders and commercial level companies have used our consulting services to get our opinion on where a market or a “symbol” is heading. To “hire” us – Click HERE and send us an email on what you want done and we will get back to you with our quote.

Are you a broker, financial investment adviser or buy/sell on the behalf of clients?
No, we are not licensed brokers or investment representatives nor are we offering securities of any kind. This is an informational site where we put out our opinions and information that we think is helpful. It is not personal in nature and you should seek out a licensed professional for your investment needs. When you are using the site and/or pay for access to the site, you are buying the right to view our thoughts on the market… nothing more than that. We do not know your personal situation or financial status and the information that we put out may or may not be right for you. Always remember, there is a risk of loss in trading and that risk is 100% borne by you. Trade at your own risk.




How do I upgrade my account?
Login and go to your account page. There will be an “Upgrade to Premium Now” link. Or just login and click here.

How do I cancel my membership?
If you are a premium member, login to your account and go to the account page and you will see a downgrade link as well as a cancel link. Click either link which will take you to the cancellation page. On the cancellation page you will see a link near the bottom to cancel your premium account and downgrade to the Free Membership. This will cancel your premium membership and you will now be a FREE member. If you are a Free member and for some odd reason want to cancel that membership too, contact us and we can manually cancel your free membership account.

How do I change my email address or password?
Once you login, login to your account by clicking the Account link in the main menu and update it there.

What if I forgot my password or username?
Click HERE and you will see on that page a section to handle both of those issues.

Is your site secure?
Yes, you can check up at the top of your browser and see the padlock which is identifying this site as a SSL secured site. We do not keep your credit card information on hand or in our records nor do we see your credit card information at all. We are PCI compliant.

When does my monthly subscription renew?
It will renew 30 days from the time you started your premium membership. It will continue to renew every month until you cancel your subscription.

What methods can I use to pay?
You can use Visa, MasterCard or Discover. You can also utilize PayPal. If you are using American Express, select the PayPal method when you check out and then use the Credit Card option on PayPal and select American Express. If you wish to utilize another method, contact us.

Why do you automatically charge my credit card or PayPal account each month?
Logistically it makes it a lot easier for both our clients and for us. Also, you won’t have to worry about missing any content or trades due to the account expiring. The amount of money that we charge isn’t a lot and if someone can’t afford it, they shouldn’t be trading.

I signed up but it won’t let me login.
Try clearing your browser’s cache first. If that still doesn’t work, the other likely problem is that you are entering the wrong email address, username and/or password. If your login still doesn’t work – email us.

I just signed up or upgraded my account and it won’t give me full access like it should.
Sometimes the system needs to be “cleared out”… and it’s still using your status from prior to upgrading. So what you need to do is log out of your account and then log back in.

What if I need to change my credit card/payment method?
Contact us and we will initiate it on our end and explain to you the easy process.

What Holidays or times of the year do you not provide your service?
All major Federal US holidays when the NYSE and other major US market exchanges are closed, the week of Easter, the week (or so) of the 4th of July, the week (or so) of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas through the first week of the New Year. Usually the market is erratic and has low volume during these major holidays so it’s not worth trading anyways… and we all need a break from time to time to recharge our batteries! It also gives us time to work on the site, update it, add features to it, etc. Many times we will leave early on Fridays as the market often gets choppy and sloppy. There is no adjustment to the price of our service during these times as it is already built into the monthly subscription cost.

I see MWG Investments on my receipt or bank/credit card statement…
That is the parent company of this site.

On the checkout page, I clicked the button to pay and nothing happened.
Make sure that you did the Captcha anti-bot checker.

Are there any refunds?
No, we offer a 10 day free trial and our service is relatively inexpensive. You should have enough information by the time you convert to a premium subscription to see if we are right for you. We offer no exchanges, refunds or partial credits.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us.


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