This page is a quick primer for those who check out and/or use our picks/insight that we post on social media sites and with our market feed.

We post often (on a daily basis) to our Facebook where we post market intel and other information… and for our Twitter feed, we post our trade calls and some information that is in our Market Feed. Due to twitter limitations, we don’t post all of our market/news feed commentary from our market feed on to the twitter platform. We do post all of our daytrades on twitter and key market/news events (but to get the details of a post, you need to go to our feed). If you just need the trade calls texted to your phone or if it’s more convenient to use our Twitter account, it’s a good tool to use with our service and you should follow us on it. I would suggest following us on Facebook and Twitter… and to check out or market feed as well. Also, don’t forget our YouTube channel for tips, insight and our daily morning intel report.

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The best way to get our trade calls in real time and to get all of them is to join our affordable service (FREE TRIAL IS AVAILABLE). We do not post all of our trades and insight that we give to our free trial and paid premium members on those free social media pages that we mentioned above… but there is enough there to see that we’re good and to hopefully make some money on… and then you can use those profits to join our service!

At a minimum, it’s definitely worth your time to follow us on at least 1 if not all of the social media platforms mentioned above. When you become a premium member, you can get all our intraday calls via SMS Text messages… and our daily/weekly posts which is only posted on this site.

We will generally post 4 types of things on our social media pages and in our market feed:

  1. Market insight such as pivot points, key resistance/support levels, market reversals, markets breaking out, breaking news, etc. We cover Futures, Forex and Stocks.
  2. Generally at around 11:30am eastern, we will post our “Lunchtime Hitters” list which are a list of stocks that we think are ripe for a 1 to 3 day “swing trade” (sometimes lasting longer) that we think should move at least $2 in the desired direction… often more than that. If you want to take to the trade, feel free to enter the trade at the price (or better) of what it was at around 10am est (the time of our posting). Although due to logistics and time (we trade ourselves at the same time we’re running this site and our social media), we can’t monitor every single one of them on the social media platforms… when we can, we will mention an entry and exit with those trades. To be frank, we have found over the years that most people end up exiting when they want too anyways… either due to emotion or greed. On our official “service” posts… ie. the ones we post in our daily and weekly trade posts through this site’s service… we give you entry, profit exits and stop losses. Also, if you’re a premium member, we send out SMS texts for our swing trades that contain entries and exits for specific trades that we called.
  3. We will post daytrades in stocks and futures that generally last 15 minutes to all day. 
  4. We will post daily swing trades – ie. trades that last from 1 to 5 days for stocks, futures and the forex markets.

We generally will enter a trade one of 2 ways… and our post will clearly say which way to go:
Either we will enter on a break of a price… ie. Buy AAPL on a break of $160, which means once it trades through $160 and above $160, buy the stock. The other way is we will say for example, Buy AAPL at $160 or better, which means if AAPL trades down to $160 or lower, buy the stock. Doing it this way also makes it easier for you as you don’t have to monitor it tick for tick… just put your limit or stop order in with your broker and wait for it to hit! Don’t chase the trade though, if you missed the entry and it’s a decent ways away… let it go and wait for the next trade call. Using real stop loss orders are highly recommended in case the trade goes wrong.


There is a way where you can get all of our Twitter posts directly to your phone via mobile phone texts in real time. Click THIS LINK to see how to set it up. Basically, you log in to your twitter account, attach your cell number to your twitter account and setup your phone to receive notifications from twitter to your phone in your Twitter settings (this link explains how to do that). And then go to our twitter page  and find either the gear icon or 3 vertical dots, which is usually next to the word “Follow” or “Following” (make sure you’re following us)… click on that, hover to where it says “Turn On Mobile Notifications” and click. You will now receive our twitter posts, in real time to your mobile device/phone.

There is no way that we know of that can do what Twitter can do to alert you via SMS text messages of our posts but if you are on Facebook a lot or have it up during the day, you can set it so our posts show up at the top of your feed when we post and you also will get a visual alert on your facebook page that a new post has been created. Go to our facebook page and then where it says Following, hover over that (or click if on mobile) and under “In Your News Feed” select “See First” and under “Notifications”, select “All On.”


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Keep in mind that any trading that you do is at your own risk. Do your own due diligence. Trading the market is risky and don’t trade beyond your means. Trade only what you can afford to lose. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The risk of loss is real and can occur from time to time. We are not licensed brokers and we are not soliciting/offering you any investment advice or products. This is for informational purposes only. By viewing and/or using any of our social media accounts (and/or this website), you are accepting our Risk Disclosure and our Terms of Service.