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InsideTheMarket.com was originally founded in 1998. We were one of the very first trading sites on the internet. The owner of the site developed a huge following starting from early 1996 via the various trading newsgroups and forums on the 'net at that time and decided to consolidate his information and posts using just one site and InsideTheMarket.com was born. It quickly grew into one of the more popular high frequency trading sites on the internet.

The United States based site is very active and well known for its "straight-talk", easy to use trade recommendations and for the high level of service that InsideTheMarket.com provides to traders of all levels and account sizes.

We cover numerous markets to include Forex, Stocks, Stock Options, Index Futures, Financial Futures, Commodity Futures, Bitcoin and more. Using a "plain speak" & honest style of posting, a way of providing the information in an uncluttered & easy to comprehend manner, an attention to detail and the ability to seemingly find solid & consistent trades in the markets and time frames that people can actually use - InsideTheMarket.com has you covered.

The intent of this trading site is to provide actionable information in real time in a convenient format so traders can make consistent profits in the market. By providing real time trade calls loaded with solid information, updates & postings on the site - we are the #1 destination for daytraders, swing traders and aggressive investors looking for an edge!

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